Secure your website with letsencrypt

Some days ago I decided to add some security to my website by enabling HTTPS communication through letsencrypt.

A Swifty NotificationCenter

During the last few months I’ve been quite busy together with the rest of the team over at WeltN24 building the revamped Edition App. We’re now at 4.5 stars on the AppStore and we consistently get about a thousand user reviews on every update we publish. The management is happy with the outcome and we achieved a lot, especially on the technical side.

Carlos update

If you don’t know what is Carlos, head over here first, or here for the Github repo.


This weekend I finally managed to close the last open issue for the first milestone of Carlos, “Open source day”! The project is now available on Github with a MIT license, so feel free to do whatever you like with it.

Presenting with Playgrounds

This morning I did a small presentation (around 40 minutes) about Swift at the bi-weekly tech breakfast we have at Axel Springer (to be more precise, it’s organized by Axel Springer IdeAS).